Volume 1: Chapters in Chess

Volume 1: Chapters in Chess

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Writer of God's debut novel series first book 'Volume 1: Chapters in chess.'


    This book is dedicated to 'The world with dying humanity'. And is about the quote, 'Humans are simple; human is complex.'

    This is a cluster of eight dark tales of eight broken people, whom the Creator, the one who created everything, chose to play chess in a fictional world called 'Nirvana', where kings rule and kingdoms prevail, science and magic exist alongside legends and mythical creatures, and where humans have never known the term 'God.' And these people belonging to the black side are lead by the black king 'Ajin Dracula,' like his name (Ajin in Japanese means Demigod, Dracula in English means Devil) suggests, he is a Devil, God, and Human at the same time.

    We need to see it through, how the game masterminded by the Creator and lead by the twisted God-cum-devil character, was turned into a holy book and those players turned into Gods to a world where the term 'God' is not even known.


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