Do our social accounts come under our will?

Updated: Jan 26

This morning I had a crazy question popped up in my mind. It was not some random thoughtless or unanswerable question like the ones kids ask. It’s a crazy thought which most of us never thought of.

Who is the owner of our social accounts after we pass away?

Have you ever thought of this question? Probably you won’t.

Because we all know that we treasure our social accounts more than our complex relationships in the real world. And as long as we are typing our passwords and opening the accounts, we know we owe them.

But if you try to relate it with other things, you can easily understand that it is similar to opening our safes in our banks.

Then what is making us blind to not consider them as our property?

It’s just, we never considered them as wealth, like something we earned, like something we should leave behind for our loved ones.

This makes me happy hearing that we are not completely prioritizing our social media as our most important need, but still, it is like 90% important as our properties.

Don’t you agree?

Then our social accounts should be considered as our will

Logically speaking, if they are as important as our property, then technically, our social accounts come under our will.

But, we never heard someone mentioning their passwords in their will.

And just the thought of someone mentioning their passwords in their will seems crazy.

Many might even laugh hearing that and pretty much, you are also thinking it is funny.

But it isn’t funny. This question has a huge weight on it.


In the fifth season of the Black Mirror series, there is a small situation dealing with this question. If you don’t know, I will narrate it to you.

In that scene, a daughter killed herself and her lone mother starts investigating the reason behind her death. While trying to get the leads, she hits a roadblock as all her daughter’s social sites are password protected and the mother never knew the passwords.

I believe, this gives you the idea behind my point.

Not just this situation, there are many other situations where our social accounts matter a lot to others who are dear to us.

Now, do you think they should be mentioned in our will

Then won’t you agree that our passwords should come under our will so that our dears can acquire them when we no longer able to operate them?

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