Perspective- Is the world the same you are seeing it as?

Updated: Jan 26

You hear the word ‘Perspective’, a lot, right? But do you really know what perspective means? Then, for you, a small lucid explanation to make you clearer about it. And this might even change your definition about Perspective and also the way you see the world.

Remember the wildlife hunt!

First, to begin with, remember watching the documentary on NatGeo Channel where on a hot African day with a warm breeze tickling the dry grass on the land, a hungry young lion chases a young deer. You can picture it, right?

Now, I will tell you two stories.

Perspective One :

An old lone deer just gave its first birth. And while the newborn with weak legs, was struggling to stand, the mother deer, still bearing an unaccountable pain, helped the infant deer in standing up. Soon, as the days passed, the lone mother deer who was no longer lone, started helping the young deer in walking. And watching it walk, the mother started feeling pleased and happy.

But the happiness didn’t absorb her mind, she still stayed cautious like she used to be when she was alone and was struggling to stay alive in the wild jungle. She made the young deer always stay under her vision. But the young deer met friends who started showing the world to it and letting it experience the god’s gift to deer, running faster than the wind.

She started running, not just running, even hopping. She started wandering the jungle and then, the ominous day arrived. While she was playing with friends at the ends of the jungle, suddenly, all the friends started running away as if they were seeing death flying on her back. The curious young deer, turned to the side to take a look at the death and before her eyes recorded the image of the death called lion, her legs started running away on their own.

And while she was feeling happy from finding out that she can run as fast as her mother, the young lion chasing it landed its claw on her and she rolled on the grass. Soon, it died as the lion squeezed its neck.

Perspective Two :

The second story; the old and furious lion, being the long-time king of the wild jungle, was obsessed with the powerful of the seven deadly sins, pride. The prideful lion didn’t want its legacy to end there. He wanted all its sons to become the kings of the jungle as well.

But he started doubting its legacy after his third son born from killing his first wife. It’s not the heartbreaking death of his wife was making him doubt the legacy, but the unworthiness of his weak third son to become a king was foddering the doubt.

It started creating a wall between the son and father, and the son who is well aware of that started feeling guilty and sad. His guilt and sadness started making him struggle into becoming the one his dad wants him to be.

It's then, on a blissful day, when the young lion just woke up from a 13-hour long sleep, it saw its brothers running away to hunt. It then noticed its hungry father looking at the pack of young deer standing at a distance from them. It quickly understood what it means and started running toward the pack to please its pride dad. The plan went fine until it reached the back of one of the young deer, but when it jumped onto the deer, it missed.

The lion didn’t want to disappoint its dad, it started running faster than ever and quickly jumped onto the deer. This time, the claw landed on the deer and the deer rolled on the grass. The lion quickly squeezed its neck and killed it, while looking at its dad’s smiling eyes.

Redefining Perspective :

From now, when someone asks you, what is perspective? Don’t tell them, it is what you see; tell them “It is what you made to see.”

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