Perfect world - Utopia

Don’t you think this topic, the perfect world of Utopia, is the most controversial topic ever?

In truth, no one really knows how the perfect world will be. And the most important question is, not how you will build it, but what is it you are building?

Human needs

To discuss the perfect world of utopia, first, we should sort out human needs. Speaking about human needs, food, shelter, clothing, transportation and recently added ‘internet’, are our basic needs. Apart from this, all others are luxuries, pride, etc. But how normally would a person acquire those needs?

The first answer comes to mind is money.

Does money give the answer?

People before introducing money used to trade their goods and that was called a barter system. And when money was introduced, it began putting a value on heads, from a small rice grain to a huge diamond, everything got a value. But it didn’t stop there, it slowly filled people’s daily life and now, it ended up valuing our own lives.

Should we then say that a world where everyone is rich, is a perfect world? Then a quote from Jim Carrey, (1996 ‘The Mask’ film protagonist)- “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.”

That quote summarizes everything I wanted to say about money being the solution for creating the perfect world.

Education is the answer?

The quote- “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Our next criteria are knowledge. But how we acquire knowledge? It is obvious, through education. And from the quote, it is clear that a man can live his life with only education. Then, should I say that if everyone is educated, we can build a perfect world?

The answer is still a big ‘no’.

If education makes you happy, then 80% of the world (the literacy population of the world) is already happy. But is it?


At first, humans didn't have a reason to invent something called governance, but later for some reason (I will discuss that in my later blogs), we started needing this.

Soon, we got leaders, monarchs, dictators and then we started realizing that the best form of governance does not need a leader. After many struggles, revolts and etc. we created the ideal form of governance, 'The Democracy'.

Now, we know democracy is not the solution and we are adapting and making amendments. Next, we might discover another form of governance.

So, the governance which is continuously transforming, will not give an answer to our question.

Then what?

Maybe we can't find the answer to it or maybe it is the way we humans are created so that we will always be curious and walk forward.

Or if you think, we already found an answer, then text me.

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