Multiverse- Maybe I'm also living in another world!

Updated: Jan 26

Stranger things, Men In Black, Dragon ball, etc. all these popular series, have this concept called Multiverse. Now, this is a trend-- no, a culture. But what exactly is it?

What is multiverse?

We evolved from thinking Earth is flat to Earth is spherical, then to Earth is not an exact sphere, then to Earth is revolving around the sun not the other way around, then to removing pluto from planet list, then many other things. And now, we are coming to the conclusion that the universe which we always thought the only existence is not the only but is one among the many.

In simple, our universe might be one among the infinite universes out there. And all these universes which define every existence are called the multiverse or the metaverse or the omniverse.

How our universe might be?

Unlike our ancestors believed, Earth isn't the center of the universe. In fact, there is no center for the Universe.

And the most preferred theory is, the Universe is never-ending and infinitely stretched. Based on this, three shapes for the universe are suggested.

The first is closed: sphere, donut, and 3 torus shapes are suggested. The second is open, which also represents a never-ending structure. The third one is flat, as you can imagine a large sheet of paper stretched to infinity.

How might the multiverse be?

It is hard to say, as many scientists have many thoughts about the shape of the multiverse. To add to that, many popular authors and many si-fi directors have different ideas about it.

But the major idea from all the conclusions is, all the universes are crystal spheres, and these spheres are unrelated to each other.

It satisfies the scientific proposal of the universe being a sphere shape and also includes their relationship while giving the answer to our most asked question, "Why we are not finding the other universes?"

In MIB (at the ending), universes are depicted as crystal balls which are then placed in a sack by an alien. And personally, in my novel series (God's Chess) I depicted the multiverse as ten crystal balls with each being one universe and they all are under the Creator possession.

What do the other universes contain?

There are many theories even for this.

The most popular one and our favorite one are Parallel universes. It means, all the other universes are replicas of one parent universe which might even be our universe.

In this theory, I, the one who is typing this sentence, might be present in another universe as well. But that me might be still typing the title of this blog, or even might be typing another blog with the date being tomorrow.

It also allows us to understand time-travel as it means we are traveling in time when we travel to other universes.

There is another type of parallel universes theory; in that, I wouldn't be a blogger, instead, I would be a billionaire or would even be an illiterate who can't even write.

There is another type of theory, the name is unknown, but it generally states that all the universes are different. No two universes are similar, but this theory is terminated as it can't describe the multiverse being infinite. It is then developed and then states that the universes are different until a particular extent, and then they are repeated. This again results in parallel universes.

How to travel to other universes?

Personally, I want to imagine there is a portal outside my bedroom door. Or might even consider having a wardrobe like in Narnia.

But science is not that simple as imagination. Many scientists by doing many kinds of research are getting close to finding the gateway to other universes. In a recent study, scientists are conducting an experiment about the mirror world.

It is an experiment where the neutrons are fired at an impenetrable wall. The other side of the wall has a neutron detector which normally detects nothing. If it detects something, then it nearly proves the existence of a mirror world like in stranger things.

If it is proved, then it would be comparatively easy to find the portal.

The other way is, creating a wormhole.

This is a glimpse of the multiverse. If you know more about it and also about the things I didn't cover, please drop a comment. Personally, I would have reached you if there are portals or any-where-door, but as it isn't possible currently, I just thank you for leaving the comment and would be grateful.

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