Most unique and creative movies that you shouldn’t miss.

Updated: Jan 26

Movies!!! everyone likes, no, love movies. But what we want from movies?

In the past, movies are just entertainment where people can enjoy some two hours’ quality time and can relax their minds. But now, we are not like that. We want movies to be unique, we want them to be creative and more importantly, they should make our brains work.

Then a list of creative and unique movies for you!

(Note- The movies in the list are not ranked, they are random)


Let’s start with the famous of the list, Interstellar. It has been nearly 5 years since its release, but still, even now, many of us would believe it is one of the topmost creative films. As it is famous, I’m gonna skip this.


Another film by Christopher Nolan, Inception. This is the second famous film on the list. Some of us who are curious-knowledge seekers like me might’ve already heard about typical dream length, i.e, all the dreams which we dream all-night are not more than eight minutes long. But we wouldn’t have thought about imagining a dream inside a dream and another dream inside that dream.

In Time

We always hear ‘Time is precious,’ but who would’ve thought time will become money. In Time is my most favorite movie since the first time I saw it in 2013. It’s just the most creative concept with a perfect meaning and also the most emotional thing I felt at that time.

If you want to watch something creative and entertain your bored self with a slight emotional and then, unique movie, then go ahead and watch this.

Time Trap

What would happen if you are trapped in time? I mean, what would happen if you are trapped in a cave where time flows very very slower than in the outside world? What happens when seconds are no longer seconds, but they are years?

This is a 95 minutes movie where your brain will be trapped in a theory of relativity cave where every second is nearly a year in the outside world.


There are no words to describe this movie! It is based upon the concept of Predestination Paradox where a person traveling back in time becomes part of past events, and may even have caused the initial event that caused that person to travel back in time in the first place.


Inspired by Greek mythology, Sisyphus. And like the Sisyphus, here the MC can’t escape from the living hell and she should continue living in an unbreakable loop.

And unlike all the other movies on this list, this movie is indescribable and the fact is, no one can literally remember the whole sequence of actions in the movie by just watching it once. You need to watch it at the least thrice to remember the sequence.

A doubt to me: Didn’t the crew get confused while shooting the film?


Another famous film, and the most favorite movie for many movie lovers. The concept of using 100% brain always existed in

mankind since ancient times and also its controversies existed ever since, but this is the first film where you can actually witness how it is.

I don’t want to be a party pooper, so, I’m not gonna discuss about the climax of the movie. See it yourself to know what happens when we use 50% of our brain and then also 100% of our brain.


This is a hidden gem. This is not like the other films on the list, not so creative, not so popular, not so great, but for sure, it is unique. It is about a young street magician who can go to a very creepy extent to become a great magician, and about him using that magic tricks to save his family from getting killed.

Its simple, unique and has a bag of emotions that would comfort your heart for a while.

A quiet place

The poster itself says the whole story. It is a quiet film but not a completely silent film like Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern times’. You have the BGM, but the dialogues are inaudible and most of the time they are hand gestures.

A family of a pregnant mother, a father, and two children trying to survive in a world filled with sound-sensitive bloodthirsty aliens. The most important part of the film is the mother having labor pains in that type of world. It’s just unimaginable pain!! and you can literally feel it while watching the film.

Gone Girl

“I picture cracking her lovely skull… unspooling her brains… trying to get answers,” who would start a film with dialogues like these!!! An adaptation from the novel going by the same name, Gone Girl. This film is something no one should miss and also at the same time no one should watch. I mean, which woman will fake rape and with so perfection that she pushes the bottl– no, I can’t say it. You can go and watch right now to witness something so brilliant and at the same time something so twisted.

Now you see me (1 and 2)

This should get a hard 10/10 rating for its creativity and magically thing. The first part is the gem, a gem that needs to be appreciated. The second part is nearly a disaster, but it didn’t go to that point only because of its famous card scene in the bank robbery which kept circulating in Insta for months.

A robbery by 4 magicians who are masterminded by another great magician and then, two detectives to chase them along with a magician hunter. It’s a complete set of magic, robbery, detectives, and a huge nerve-racking twist.

The Great Wall

There are many films with wars, walls, battles, kingdoms, and etc stuff; but this is the greatest of all those films. “That’s how wars are played,” would be a common thought for many who watched this film.

I can’t stop appreciating The Great Wall; the way different divisions of the military wear different colored clothes; the way different military divisions take out different missions and the way everything is organized even during the war.

This film is simply mind-blowing.


What can a small negligence lead to when we are dealing with large locomotives? In simple, half a mile long unstoppable death is the answer!

Loosely based on the 2001 CSX 888 incident in Ohio, Unstoppable is about a runaway train that goes on a rampage when the driver tries to change tracks thinking he placed the tarin on brakes or at low speed.

This is the most thrilling movie when you know it actually happened in real life.

Good Luck Chuck

Strictly speaking, I watched this movie only for Jessica Alba, but then the storyline made me become a fan of this.

I just can’t figure how you get these kinds of stories. It’s a well-crafted masterpiece with a unique plot. I don’t want to discuss much about this film after I watched its unrated version, but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t deserve a 1/5 rating (At the very least it deserves 4/5 rating).

Note: Watch the edited version which got R-rating.

Death Race (All parts)

What happens when the F1 race takes place in jail and the drivers are cold-blooded prisoners? And what happens when the prize for the race would be freedom? And who doesn’t love Frankenstein?

This is completely off-spin from all the other films on the list, but this is also a unique, creative and immersive film series.

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