Humans + Nature = Utopia

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

'Genesis of great things is from chaos,’ then the greatest thing for man, Utopia: The perfect world man can ever wish for, how big chaos it needs?

The solution to this question is not a chaotic situation, it is in fact lucid. Yes, the answer is very clear when you ask the history or the mythology or even your great grandparents. To explain it clearly, I will start from the very beginning.

Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve, the very first humans sculpted by God himself. Don’t you think they lived a beautiful life in the Garden of Eden until the snake? The answer is an obvious ‘big yes’. Then what do you think made us different from them to not allow us to live in Utopia; in fact, we are far better than them, so, we should live in a better Utopia?

The answer is quite simple again; it’s the ‘Garden of Eden.’

The garden of Eden is not just a garden; it’s life itself in the fullest form. Every flora and fauna were found in the garden of Eden and that’s what made Adam and Eve live a beautiful life and that itself called a Paradise.

Cordial World

That means the utopia we need to form is not the one where a man needs to live more easily, but a cordial world where a man needs to live amidst nature while appreciating its warmth and beauty.

Some might not believe this, in fact, months ago, I would have said, “Are you kidding? Nature, animals, birds, etc. will make you happy?? Then what about money?”

But I changed, no, the word ‘transformed’ would be more appropriate. I transformed after this incident I experienced.

Animals are bliss

The spring sun and the warm air filling the street before me would lift everyone’s spirits who step in. But that day, I was not the optimistic everyday-me who would worry less and enjoy the most out of life, instead, I was depressed from a personal issue and was gloomy to even notice ‘him’ following me.

Here, ‘him’ is not a person, he is the street puppy whom I see daily on the street. He is just months old and his golden thick fur would make every girl walking on the street halt and exclaim their universal expression, “Aww, so cute!”

In fact; it’s how I first noticed him. A beautiful girl feeding him. And he gazing at her with his two tiny innocent shimmering eyes. Just like a cheesy scene from a movie. But here, she is not the one I got attached to, it was him I grew attached.

From then, every day I walk on that road, I unconsciously notice him and will have a small grin on my lips. But that’s it, I never halted to feel it’s silky fur or never slowed down to capture its cuteness in my phone or my brain. But he was different from me.

Animal love is medicine for all depressions

On the day I was depressed and feeling low, he started following me and then started running and then when I halted as I felt his presence, he started scratching my pants.

This is how I found him when I looked down. Adorable, right? I couldn’t feel depressed anymore from seeing him like that.

He didn’t stop there, he started wagging his tail and sat on the road at my feet as if he wanted me to stop by and play with him. Without much of a choice, I bent and for the first time, I took him into my hands.

He looked so fragile in my hands and looked more harmless than any being in the world, I just couldn’t stop caressing him.

I would have stayed with him all day long if my Maa didn’t call me. And the strangest thing was after I forcedly parted ways with him, I completely forgot about the incident which made me gloomy before.

That’s it, it’s the end of my transformation tale. It feels very simple right? But then, it took just an apple for Newton to discover gravity. Change doesn’t start from big things; it just needs small things to change into big.

Be animal and nature lover to save Earth from humans

My story is not completed yet. The thing I wanted to say is:

I believe that the existence of animals and nature is as important as humans, no, their existence is certainly more valuable than humans, and in fact, humans can’t live without nature, but nature without humans will cherish, expands and becomes more beautiful and awestruck.

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