Google Santa Tracker is here!!!!

Google Santa Tracker started in late December 2019 but was initially started in 2004 by google which during every Christmas tracks the path of Santa while he is traveling around the world.

Just like the real fictional Santa, the google Santa travels around the world on his carriage pulled by reindeer while handing gifts to the needed ones.

The tracker website shows the exact location where Santa is right at that moment and also displays the photos of that location taken by the local guides.

How is it tracking?

The tracking is quite simple, it’s just working on the world timeline zone.

I mean, now the time is 11:09 AM in India (+5:30 GMT) and Santa arrived in India around 11 hours ago, which is around 12:10 AM at midnight. And now Santa is in countries around

The USA, where the time is around 12:10 at midnight on 25th Dec 2019.

It’s simple now, Santa is arriving in the countries which are just now reached the 25th of December, 2019.

Other things on the website.

The main thing about the website, it has games!!! Ther are probably intended for children, but even you can play them as they are very entertaining.

I’m writing the names of the games, check it out yourself to know what they are

Santa selfie Ollie under the sea Code Boogie Elf Jetpak Elf maker Wrap battle Penguin Dash Gumball till – My favorite Present Bounce Quick draw Map Quiz Wind tunnel

You can even install the app and track the Santa Claus here.

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