A journey through Golconda fort.

Updated: Jan 26

When did it start?

Where should I begin with? The journey started decades ago when my mom first time read the magnificence about Golconda fort in her school textbooks.

Yes, you heard it right! It was in my mom’s bucket list, for a while now.

The ominous journey turned into Adventure

Like a tradition in our family, we all spend our day out on every birthday or anniversary in the family. So, this year on my birthday, we visited Golconda fort on the unfortunately sunny day in the heavy rainy week.

With a worry sitting on the back of my head that it might rain on that day and make us miserable, I booked the cab, we all sat in, rode 25+ km and neared to the Golconda fort. But the worry disappeared at once when I saw this gigantic brick wall blocking the road leading to the fort.

Imagine the GoT’s north wall suddenly blocking the road you are driving on! My mind already started diving into my own fantasy land as I witnessed a similar (comparatively smaller) wall. And then, the car driver who was as amazed as us, took the sudden turn ahead, missing the opposite car racing towards us.

Like everyone who nearly dashed into a speeding car feels, even I felt the same. I almost shook hands with the death reaper. And while my soul is returning back to me after telling the death reaper, "Not today!", the cab halted before the Golconda fort. It's then, I took a moment break, not only to calm my racing heart and to give a three-star rating to the cab driver but also to record the beautiful and peaceful image of the fort built and guarded by our ancestors.

I was so pleased by it that I forgot I had a 48mp, 64gb phone and halted there to record the image in my 100 terabytes brain seen through my 570mp eyes. Maybe it was the same with my sis, even she didn’t try to make me realize that I was holding one of the best camera phone.

Entrance ticket to Nirvana

Soon, we walked to the ticket counter. There the real tragedy started. We heard many things about showing identification cards to prove our nationality, but we forgot them at home.

We were worried that he might not allow us in, but the man at the ticket counter was more interested in the 5rs change than our identification cards. He allowed us as soon as we paid the exact ticket cost of Rs25 per head.

Then, the journey began. We walked on the stone-paved lanes while watching the magnificent engineering of the ancient Indians and the gigantic granite walls which once were blanketed with the blood of the warriors and sweat of the engineers and builders.

Marvelous ancient India's engineering

Talking about the marvelous engineering, the picture on the side, amazed me the most. The arch construction in history has a story of its own, but the one here, I don’t know why, but I felt it amusing. All the arches, one crossed with others in a pattern, which from an aerial would look like squares, made me click photos of it over and over again until my sis stopped me.

Through the Sky

Last but not least, the view from above; like all the other forts, the Golconda fort was also built to guard. The view from above, allowed the guards to monitor the enemy moves from all directions. But that view now, it’s the most amazing thing. Standing above 400 feet and watching the city at such a perspective, you can’t miss that. You should experience it yourself to know its beauty and to find the magnificence in that amusing view.

I just gave a quick glance to the amazing journey to the Golconda fort.

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